Friday, February 7, 2014

Bean-b-Clean Review – Perfect for infants and small toddlers

Bean-b-Clean is used to help with cradle cap for babies, but since I have a toddler who doesn’t cradle cap, but she does have dry scalp from time to time. When I received the product it was perfect timing too, because my daughter was having a moment where she was having a dry scalp and she had also got done eating her dinner and had a bunch of sticky food in her hair.

Later that night I gave my daughter a bath and used the product and I just loved how much it worked. The bristles aren’t aren’t, they are soft enough that they aren’t scratching the kids’ heads, but it was able to get the dry skin off of her scalp as well help detangle her hair from all the food that she put in her hair. I was so impressed with how well this product works that I really wish that I had one with all of my 3 older kids when they were babies. I would recommend this product to anyone with little infants and even toddlers, with the way that little kids like to put food in their hair and it gets stuck, the small, soft bristles on the brush help get all of that sticky stuff out of their hair without even pulling their hair. My daughter loves taking a bath with her Bean-b-Clean now and with brush her hair with it after we shampoo her hair.

**Product information**
Bean-b-Clean brushes come packaged 20 per box and our minimum order is 20 in increments as shown below. The brushes will come to you in hang-ready blister cards. As 6-position clipstrip with header (or counter-top display box is also available at no extra charge with each box of 20) is also available at no extra charge.

Order Quantity (20/box) - you can purchase here
1-5 boxes = $3.50/brush
6-59 boxes = $3.35/brush
60-100 boxes = $3.20/brush

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