Friday, February 7, 2014

ReSqueeze Review - A must have for small kids

Do you have young children and you like to make your own stuff for your kids to eat? Re-Squeeze is the perfect product for you!

When I received my product from ReSqueeze I was so excited. In the store you can buy the premade packages with food already inside, but with ReSqueeze you are able to put your own homemade foods in there. I put some of my daughters yogurt in there and she loved it. Another time I made her a strawberry banana smoothie and I expected a bit of a mess from her, but it held the food in there really good and there was barely a mess by the time that she was done.

My husband and I also tested the product before using to see how well the seal holds. We filled it up with air and closed it off, squeezed it as hard as we could and no air leaked from it at all.

If you could give a product more than 5 stars, I would give this product 10 stars! It is such an amazing product & something that parents with toddlers should definitely have.

**Product Information**

·       Holds up to 6oz, fills lines on the back
·       Extra wide fill opening for easy filling and cleaning (no need for filling gadgets)
·       Strong dual-zip closure
·       Dishwasher friendly (top rack), easily rinsed
·       Freezable
·       Durable BPA and Phthalate free plastic
·       Top-spout placement provides a natural, comfortable feeding position for children
·       Vibrant colors and fun graphics specifically found to draw little one’s attention
·       Space for writing content notes and dates when storing
·       Made in California, USA
·       7” x 4”

You can also check out some receipes for your ReSqueeze packacts here (

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