Saturday, November 22, 2014

Treena Bean Boutique Headbands Reviews

I received these products from Treena Bean Boutique in order to facilitate my review

I received 2 headbands from Treena Bean Boutique and let me just say, I LOVE THEM. From a photographer stand point both of the headbands are wonderful and great. From a parent/every day wear stand point, they are still both wonderful and great.

If you are a photographer, the baby/toddler headband is just PERFECT for pictures, the little jewels that are in the middle make it sparkle and shine. If you were to have this on a baby sleeping while you photograph them, it would be such a perfect picture. The colors on the headband are so vibrant and the cream colored jewel in the middle makes this headband just glamorous and stand out in any picture that is taken. If you are a parent and are looking for something to purchase for your kid(s) to wear with outfits for the holiday seasons, Treena Bean Boutique is the PERFECT place to go. 

I also received a Crochet Headband Beige with Flower. Let me tell you, I LOVE that headband. It is perfect for photographers as a prop when they are out doing fall and winter photo shoots. Even the photographer can wear it to look professional while going to a photo shoot. This headband is for teens and adults, so if you are a young adult and you are plan going to your college football game, this is perfect to wear as it will definitely keep your ears and head warm. 

If you are a photographer and you are looking for some great photography outfits to use, I totally recommend you use Treena Bean Boutique. She is a great, she sends her products out in a timely manner, and makes sure that she gets your what it is that your order. Her products are wonderful and to be honest, I will be shopping with her here in the near future for some products for my photography buisiness!!