Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Launch of eos’ Visibly Soft Blackberry Nectar Lip Blam #eos #blackberrynectar

If you love any of eos’ products, then you are sure to love their new amazing new flavor.

I am proud to announce eos’ new launch of the visibly soft Blackberry Nectar. If you have ever tried any of eos’ products, then you are sure to love this new one that they have out. I know that I personally can not wait to try this new delicious flavor that they have out! eos is one of the most amazing lip balms that I just love.
For immediately softer, more beautiful lips.

Superior Formula
  • Absorbs to nourish lips for a softness you can feel
  • Contains Hyaluronic acid to help improve the texture of lips with each swipe leaving lips ultra soft, smooth, and beautiful.
    • Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring compound and powerful moisturizer that your lips produce to help keep them smooth and moisturized. Visibly Soft’s proprietary formula helps to elevate your lip’s levels of this beneficial ingredient to naturally enhance their softness.
    • Increased hydration promoted to hyaluronic acid helps to nourish and regenerate skin cells. Skin cells retain water to help improve lip’s moisture and maintain their elasticity, promoting smooth, healthy-looking lips.
  • Enriched with Vitamin C, eos Visibly Soft Lip Balms helps hydrate and moisturize lips from the inside out.
    • Vitamin C, commonly known for its health benefits, also produces benefits for your lips. It can help stimulate your lips’ rate of natural exfoliation to make them look and feel more radiant. Additionally, it is known to play an important role in collagen production, the process that helps firm lips and reduces the signs of aging.
  • Eos Visibly Soft Lip Balms are also packed with natural conditioning oils, shea butter, and antioxidant-rich vitamin E to further help nourish and replenish lips.
  • 99% natural.
  • Petrolatum-free, paraben-free, gluten free.

NEW Delicious Flavor
  • Blackberry Nectar: delight your lips with the irresistibly ripe fragrance and flavor reminiscent of a basket of this sweet juicy fruit.

Differentiated, delightful packaging enhances eos’ style
  • Unique Packaging
    • Rich “swirls” mimic the buttery richness of the formula.

Available starting July 2015 at these fine retailers for $3.29