Monday, September 7, 2015

August Glam Bag #ipsy #review

*disclaimer – I purchased this product with my own money from Ipsy. This is my own personal opinion regarding this product.
Ok, who doesn’t like makeup, hair products, or face products? I will tell you all right now, I am far from being a girlie-girl and I don’t always wear makeup or even use hair/face products. But the cute bags and amazing products are so worth the $10 a month from Ipsy.

I received 5 products from Ipsy for the month of August, in a very cute black and white bag. Let’s get the party started on these amazing products!!
-Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen-
If you are like me and have a hard time with eye liner sometimes, then you have got to check out the new Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen from Starlooks. I love this eye liner pen. It makes it so much easier to put eye liner on and you are able to do so much more with it. It goes on very smoothly, dries so quickly and lasts all day! If you deal with dry eyes from time to time and have the tendency to rub your eyes, which I do a lot thanks to allergies, and the nice thing was that it still lasted all day long even with me rubbing my eyes. You can purchase the Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen on their webpage for $19.00 in 3 different colors, black, brown, and eggplant. Now I am not a person to spend $19.00 on one thing of makeup, but for this eye liner pen, I will gladly spend that much.
-Nourishing Argan Oil Morocco Oil Treatment-
I have suck thick and frizzy hair, which I get from my mom. There are a lot of times that I will just throw my hair up in a messy bun and call it a day. Trying to do my hair, either straightening it or curling it, can take a few hours and when you are doing your hair by yourself, it can really take a toll on your arms and shoulders. Since I got my Ipsy bag I have been using Marc Anthony’s new nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Oil Treatment and my hair has been feeling a whole lot healthier. I have put it in my hair both wet and dry. When adding it to my hair when wet, I can see a difference in my hair when it dries out, it’s not as frizzy. When I put it in my hair dry, I tend to have to put more than 3-4 drops in my hair. I would recommend that if you have very thick hair I would put it in your hair when it’s wet vs dry. You can check out their full line of Oil of Morocco Argan Oil on their webpage. They have 10 different products for you to choose from. You can go here and find out where you can find these products to purchase both in store and online.
-Good Night. Night Cream-
I will honestly admit that I am not one to use any night time cream, but when I got my sample of La Fresh Eco-Beauty night cream I figured why not give it a try. I tend to have a bit of dry skin on my face. When I woke up the next morning, my face felt so smooth and so refreshed. You can purchase a 1.7oz jar of the Good Night. Night Cream here for $40.00. For the size of the jar, the quality of the cream, the price is actually pretty good.
-Luxe Double Eye/Lip Pencil in Wine-
I love eye liner, it is one of my favorite products, other than my eye shadow. The eye shadow and eye liner can really make your eyes pop. The nice thing about this product from Skone Cosmetics is that it can also be used as a lip liner! Now I have used this as an eye liner and love it! It stays on for a long period of time. If used with the right color of eye shadow, it can make your eyes really stand out. I haven’t used it as a lip liner yet through because I don’t have the right color lipstick/lip gloss to go with it. You can choose from 6 different colors, pinkviolet, earth red, girlypink, coppergold, salmon, and wine. You can purchase them from their webpage for $12.00 or you can purchase all 6 colors for $60.00 (which would be a bit cheaper, you would save a total of $12.00). The quality of the Luxe Doubler is worth both prices!
-Hangover Replenishing Face Primer Deluxe-
We are on our last product from our August Glam Bag. We all have those long days and long nights, doesn’t matter if we stay home all day or if you work outside the home, you know your face is probably yelling at you saying “help me”. I usually put this on in the mornings when I haven’t put on my night cream the night before, and I plan on wearing makeup that day. After putting this on and then putting on my makeup, it helps my makeup go on smoother and helps my makeup stay on longer. Too Faced has a lot of awesome products. You can purchase the Hangover Primer from their webpage for $32.00.