Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Capri Designs - Awesome Supplies Just For You #review

*disclaimer – this product was given to me by Capri Designs for review for my honest opinion. All views are 100% my own.

Are you a college student or know a college student? Or are you looking for supplies for your own office? Well Capri Designs has the products and various themes for you to choose from to spruce up your dorm room or office.

I received 4 products from the Aztec Ikat print collection. I got a file folder, magnetic bookmarks, every day not cards, and a padfolio with clipboard. I love them for my “office” and the organization. They have been very handy when I went to go and organize all the information for my blog. I love the colors, black, white & aqua. I don’t have an office or desk at the moment, right now my “desk” and “office” is my dining room and dining room table. Just adding that little bit of color to my “desk” made a world of difference.

*Aztec Ikat – File Folders* $7.00 (click here to purchase)

These file folders sure can spice up the inside of you file cabinet, as well as your desk, depending on where you put them at the moment. They come in a package of 6 (I got 4 black & white and 2 aqua & white) and 9 sticker labels. The file folders come into great use with the various prints that they have. You can color code, or “print” code the categories that you have. Right now all of my file folders have been used for all of my blog information. It has been great and has been at lot more easier with trying to have everything more organized.

-Information From Webpage-

Arrange and organize your papers and documents with our set of 6 File Folders! Each set includes three design variations with a colorful print on both the interior and exterior, nine sticker labels are included.

-        Measures 9.1875” x 12”

-        6 File Folders per set

-        Case pack 4 each

-        UPC #816424021879

Wholesale orders must be ordered in case pack multiples of 4

(Quantity: 1 = 1 piece)

*Aztec Ikat Magnetic Bookmarks* $4.50 (click here to purchase)

Now I love to read and I have a good amount of books. I always have a hard time finding a bookmark that works for me. I even went as far as using a piece of paper but that didn’t even work because they would still fall out of the book. I have never knew of the magnetic bookmarks before. The night that I got them, I pulled out the cook that I am currently reading, C.S. Lewis “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magicians Nephew” and used one of the bookmarks. I have to say that I love these bookmarks! They stay where they are supposed to, so you don’t have to worry about losing your spot, it is easy to find where you are at, and you don’t have to worry about your books not fitting in somewhere because your bookmark is too big, it can go right back where you put it. These are great for school books, workbooks, or even the books you read just because.

-Information From Webpage-

Find your place easily and quickly in any book or journal with our Magnetic Bookmarks! With a magnetic grip, the bookmarks are sure to stay in place. Each set includes four colorful bookmarks with coordination designs.

-        Bookmark 0.8” x 2.25”

-        Case pack 6 each

-        UPC #816424021848

Wholesale orders must be ordered in case pack multiples of 4 each.

(Quantity: 1=1 piece)

*Aztec Ikat Everday Note Cards* $10.00 (click here to purchase)

I love to write, I even have numerous pen pals, something that you don’t hear much of anymore. The note cards are very stunning. Starting off a letter to a friend in the note card is nice and it makes letter writing more interesting. These note cards are perfect if you want to write a family member or friend a little catch up note/letter, or even send someone (friend, family, co-worker) something to brighten their day. The note cards and envelopes come in a very attractive box, it has 12 note cards (6 black & white and 6 aqua & white) and 12 envelopes.

-Information From Webpage-

Send friends and loved ones a thoughtful note to brighten their day with our Everyday Note Cards! The note card set features a decorative box with twelve colorful cards and twelve coordinating envelopes with an interior print.

-        Note card measures 5.375” x 4”

-        Decorative box measures 5.5” x 4.125” x 1.25”

-        Decorative box with 12 cards and 12 envelopes

-        Case pack 4 each

-        UPC #816424021930

Wholesale orders must be ordered in case pack multiples of 4 each.

(Quantity: 1=1 piece)

*Aztec Ikat Padfolio with Clipboard* $14.50 (click here to purchase)

The padfolio with clipboard is so great when I have such a long list of groceries. Having a long list of groceries is pretty normal for us too since we are a family of 6. Having the clipboard added to it as well is so very nice. Right now I am using it as my log book/planner for my blog at the moment. The nice part is, you could find a pad of paper to put inside when you run out of paper! This is also perfect for when you are at work and have to take notes on the go and not just for work, but even if you are a high school or college student. The clipboard comes in handy, cause you can clip any paper to it and use. This padfolio with clipboard has been a big lifesaver, I take it everywhere with me and take notes on even more companies to possibly work with.

-Information From Webpage-

Our Padfolio with Clipboard is perfect for class, meetings, or whenever you have work on the go! It features a front cover clipboard and interior pocket for securing important papers. The interior note pad features 50 sheets with a decorative icon, and it’s perfect for jotting down notes while away from your desk!

-        Measures 9.5” x 12.625” x 0.875”

-        Paper pad with 50 lined pages

-        Case pack 4 each

-        UPC #816424021732

Wholesale orders must be ordered in case multiples of 4 each.

(Quantity: 1=1 piece)

I would recommend all 4 of these products to anyone for any aspect of your life. If you work outside the home, in the home, or go to school, these are all amazing products to have.