Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Grace My Face Mineral Makeup #review

*disclaimer – this product was given to me by Grace My Face Mineral Makeup for review for my honest opinion. All views are 100% my own.

Whether you wear makeup a lot, every now and then, or just on special occasions, than Grace My Face Minerals Makeup has amazing colors and sets for you to choose from!

Now I am not a huge makeup person, I don’t always wear it or do my hair every day. But when I do decide to do my makeup, I like to find new things to try. The mineral makeup goes on so smoothly and perfect. The colors that I got are very vibrant, but are the earth tone colors as well.

I got the Earth Collection from the Etsy shop Grace My Face Mineral Makeup as well as some samples of other colors and I love each and every one of them. Now this look is just an every day, casual look for me, nothing to spontaneous or bold. When I did my makeup on September 9th, I loved how I didn't have to use a whole lot of the eye shadow to get the vibrancy of my eye shadow. It went on perfect and I didn't have it dropping all over me. Mineral makeup has actually started to become one of my favorite make up! I would love to even try their mineral eyebrow kit and foundation powder as well. I can never find a powder that works well for me, but after using their eye shadow, I think I have found where I will be purchasing my powder when I can.


On this day I just went for a very natural look. This is what I did and everything that I used for this look:

1)    I put on my Too Faced Hangover face primer

2)    I put on my L.A. Liquid make up in true beige. I applied it using my realTECHniques stippling brush.

3)    I used my e.l.f Ivory powder and L.A. Colors nude powder applying it with my realTECHniques powder brush and my e.l.f total face brush

4)    On the inner eye I used my mineral makeup Champagne

5)    On the edge of my eyebrow I used the color Champagne again applying it with my e.l.f eyeshadow brush

6)    On my eyelid I applied Driftwood using my e.l.f. eyeshadow brush

7)    On the crease of my eye, I applied the Bronze color with my e.l.f. eyeshadow brush, then I took my e.l.f. blending eyebrush and blended it into the crease a bit more

8)    Under my eye I used my e.l.f. defining eye brush and applied the Bronze and smoothed it out with my e.l.f. blending brush

9)    The outside of my eye I used my e.l.f.blending brush and applied Lagoon to the corner and blended it in.

10) I used my Luxe Longwear eyeliner pen by Starlooks and for the inside of my eye I used my eyeliner/brow pencil by L.A. Colors

12) I applied a peach color e.l.f. blush with my e.l.f. total face brush

13) I applied my Amazon Clay bronzer by Tarte using my realTECHniques powder brush

14) For my lips I applied bellapierre pink lipstick, e.l.f. shimmer gloss tutu pink and e.l.f. shimmer gloss confetti

The Earth Collection can be purchased from their Etsy shop for $14.95. This collection come with 6 colors (Espresso, Black Gold, Bronze, Passion, Amethyst, and Champagne). They are all very gorgeous colors. With those colors you could come up with some amazing looking eyeshadows. You can also purchase each one of them individually for $4.95 each (I will provide a link for each one at the end). I also received 11 different other gorgeous colors (again, I will provide links at the end).

“The Earth Collection contains beautiful shades of shimmering mineral eyeshadow that gives you beautiful, vibrant, long lasting color that stays put until you take it off.
100% natural, 100% vegan, 100% beautiful
Highly pigmented color
Hand crafted, cruelty free
A beautiful blend of mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide, and kaolin clay”
Grace My Face Mineral Makeup has mineraleyeshadow, mineral eyebrow kits, color perfect foundation, powder me louder, mineral blush & glow and lip balm. Everything is so great and so well worth the price. You can guarantee that I WILL be buying more makeup through Grace My Face and so will others I know.

Earth Collection (click here to purchase) $14.95
     *Champagne (click here to purchase) $4.95
     *Bronze (click here to purchase) $4.95
     *Amethyst (click here to purchase) $4.95
     *Black Gold (click here to purchase) $4.95
     *Espresso (click here to purchase) $4.95
Soft Gold (here) $4.95 for a .035oz
Driftwood (here) $4.95 for a .035oz
Soft Plum (here) $4.95 for a .035oz
Eggplant (here) $4.95 for a .035oz
Mocha Sparkle (here) $4.95 for a .035oz
     *All That Brown Shimmer (here) $12.95
Lagoon (here) $4.95 for a .035oz
     *Passionate (here) $7.95
Rum (here) $4.95 for a .035oz
     *All That Brown Shimmer (here) $12.95
     *Spiced Rum Trio (here) $9.95
     *All That Brown (here) $12.95
     *Soft Brown Trio (here) $9.95
Twilight (here) $4.95 for a .035oz
Virgo (here) $4.95 for a .035oz

Translucent Veil finishing powder (here) $4.00
(All the ones with an astrict under the single colors are ones where you can also get them in a collection with other amazing and vibrant colors.)

I will be posting various blogs with my “look of the day” with something new I tried from Grace My Face. I am looking forward to my new creations and looks, I am especially looking forward to using the colors Twilight, Eggplant, Lagoon, Amethyst, and Passion to see what I come up with for why I take my daughter and 2 nieces to go see Disney’s Frozen On Ice!