Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hog Wild Sword Popper - Great Gift For Kids Of All Ages #review

*disclaimer – this product was given to me by Hog Wild for review for my honest opinion. All views are 100% my own.

We all have those kids or even adults that just can’t get enough of those awesome toys out there. Hey, my husband & I are two of those adults. There are some kid toys out there that are not just for kids. Hog Wild, who are based out of Clackamas, OR (my next door neighbor just a state over) has some very amazing toys & gifts for just about anyone in your life!

“En garde! It’s Hog Wild shoot and strike foam ball blaster. Load the balls into the end of the barrel, pull back the sword handle and release fire. The soft foam balls shoot up to 20 feet! Or have fun with your opponent with a foam soft-edge sword. The soft edges make fantasy roll play fun without the hard knocks. Perfect for indoor and outdoor play!”
      -        Hog Wild Fact Sheet

When my kids saw the sword popper, they thought that it was the coolest toy that they have ever seen! Their eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning. The first thing that my middle son, Jackson, asked me was “does it hurt when you get hit by one of the balls?” I can always count on him to ask those odd ball questions that other people don’t think to ask. Of course my oldest son, Matthew, had to test that question out. Jackson got hit by a few of the foam balls and he said it didn’t hurt when he got hit by them. It is always great to know that it's not going to hurt the kids if they get hurt by them, especially when you have 4 rowdy kids like I do.

We took the Sword Popper outside to shoot it and I would have to say that I am pretty positive that it shot 20 feet! It kept the kids very active by running around trying not to get hit by the foam balls. Even kids in the apartment complex joined in and they were all having so much fun. Now that the cold & rainy weather has set in here in the city of Vancouver (Washington state), the boys took one of the boxes that I received and they drew a target on the back of the box and uses that as a target practice in their room.
The Sword Popper can be purchased here for $19.99, or you can go here to find a Hog Wild product at a store near you! The Sword Popper makes a perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas, or it would be great just because. If you have more than one kid, I do recommend that you purchase at least one for each, or at least 2 of them so they can sword fight with them. Since I only have one, my kids weren’t able to really sword fight, although they do try by using other toys as their sword while they each takes turns using the Sword Popper.

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