Monday, October 26, 2015

Hog Wild Toys Holiday Gift Guide #review #HolidayGiftGuide

*disclaimer - these products were given to me by Hog Wild Toys for my honest opinion and as a Holiday Gift Guide 2015. All views are 100% my own.

Christmas is right around the corner. Some of us have finished our Christmas shopping, but some of us need to finish and some need to start, me being one of those ones that need to start. Here are 4 toys from Hog Wild Toys that will make outstanding gifts for children of all ages!!

SuperMax The Turtle
This little turtle is just the greatest! My 2 year old daughter loves her turtle and sleeps with him everynight. It was a fight to get it from her to take the pictures of it. The second she saw it come out of the box, she took off with it and she will not let anyone touch it. She loves the stars and moon on her ceiling and wall. You can have it on one single color (blue, red, or green) or you can have it rotate through the 3 colors. She likes to see all three of the colors. She takes it everywhere with her, when she wakes up in the morning she brings him out into the living room with her, when we go to the grocery store he has to come with her. Having SuperMax the Turtle has even helped us with getting her off of taking a sippy cup to bed with her at night. She calls him her SuperMax Ninja Turtle. This little turtle really lights up a room and will calm your little one to sleep no matter where you are. The book that comes with SuperMax is so cute, we try to make it a nightly routine where we will read the book before going to bed. We will have at least one light on so that we can read the book and she will have SuperMax lighten up as well. This little, but awesome, turtle is $21.95 and comes in blue or pink. If you go here you can find the closest store to you that may have one, authorized online retailers, or you can shop on If you shop you can choose between 6 categories: sight, sound, touch, multi sensory, accessories and gift bundles. I already have a few friends that are going to be purchasing SuperMax the Turtle for their little ones to have in their bedroom at night!

About Cloud b SuperMax the Turtle
Founded in 2002, Cloud b specializes in making the most lovable, innovative cuddly companions that offer soothing sounds and calming sights to help children have fun and sleep safely as they transition from play time to sleep time. Through sound, sight, scent, and touch, Cloud b lets children see nighttime in a whole new light while improving the health, happiness and well being of the whole family.

SuperMax the Turltle is a unique, compact nightlight designed to help soothe children to sleep no matter where bedtime lands. The new SuperMax the Turtle features the same glowing features the same glowing starlight projections of the original Twilight Turtle but in a new, all plastic version easy to keep clean. SuperMax the Turtle fits right in the palm of children's hands, making it portable and adaptable for use at home or on the go, wherever a child may need it. This special companion eases fear of the dark for all kids as it projects blue, red, or green stars from its shell.

An included booklet features the story of Max the Turtle for parents to read to their little ones - an important element in establishing a bedtime routine to help ease children off to sleep. The sweet story tells how a regular turtle became SuperMax, a rainbow-caped super hero shining his light wherever he goes healing those who need it most and lighting up even the darkest night.

SuperMax the Turtle has a 45-minute auto shut-off timer that ensures complete darkness during children's deep sleep as recommended by pediatricians. Requires 3 AAA batteries (included). Cloud b is donating a portion of all proceeds to the MaxLove Project to help children battling critical illness.

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Hog Wild Unicorn Poppers

I got the White Sunshine Unicorn Popper and my daughter loves it!! It comes with 6 rainbown balls and a mesh bag to put them in. When my niece is over (I babysit her), Cheyanne and Charlotte will play with it for hours! It is a great toy for a rainy day play for toddlers. I will be getting more of these so I have various ones for them to choose from. These little foam balls are night to have because if the girls get hit in the head or face with one, they aren't screaming or crying because it hurts. They will also have the cats chase the balls around and they get a kick out of it! You can go here to purchase them for $9.99 each.

About Hog Wild Unicorn Poppers:
Magnificent rainbows are popping near you! Introducing three new Unicorn Poppers that shoot rainbow colored soft foam balls - up to 20 feet! Just squeeze the belly of the unicorn and shoot out a soft foam ball. Six balls come with each of the Unicorn Poppers.


Zing Firetek Zeon Bow

My 3 boys love the Firetek Zeon Bow! The bows light up, so the boys make their own targets and will turn off the lights and shoot at their targets. These bows can shoot so far that the pressure of them hitting the window makes a really loud noise and almost sounds like they are going to go right through the window. When it's not raining and it's the weekend, we will go outside when the sun goes down, turn the lights on on the bows and shoot them through the court yard at the apartments that we live in. The boys have made a game out of it, it's a game of tag. They have to hit someone with one of the arrows, whoever is hit with the arrow then they are it. These are great and awesome toys to have for boys and girls. You can purchase these at Target, Walmart, Toys-R-Us,, Sports Authority, and Academy Sports Outdoors. **Names, Prices and Availability dates are subject to change. To find a store closest to you, go here or you can go here to purchase them online.

About ZING Firetek Zeon Bow
Zing Brand Toys are innovative, high-performance products that get kids off the couch and away from digital distractions, creating their own active fun - indoors and outside! Whether kids are blasting targets or shooting for the sky, Zing has a full like of activity, action and archery toys for those seeking high energy and high performance play. Kids' excitement will soar to new heights with the latest rockets and kid-powered bows for 2015, including: 

Firetek Zeon Bow: Illuminate the night with the Firetek Zeon Bow, an all-new bow and arrow combo that's just two thirds the size of the best-selling Firetek Bow. While the Zeon Bow may be small in stature, it still wields a power-packed punch! The Zeon Bow launches light-up mini Zartz arrows up to 35 feet, and will stick to most flat surface targets with soft-foam suction cup tips. Hook the arrows in the patented fast-load loops and watch as they light up the sky. Kids will have an indoor archery set that is safe and "parent approved" for use around the house or outside! Each set comes with one Zeon bow and three Zartz ligh-up arrows.

The Zeon Bow is available in two colors, green and orange. The Air Huntress Zeon Bow, designed for girls is available in two colors, pink and purple. 


IDO3D Pens

All 4 of my kids love these IDO3D pens, heck even I love these pens. These are so great even for family time together. My kids and I sat down at the table and figured out what we wanted to make. We each took turns making the ones that we liked. My 2 year old daughter and I made a rainbown and each one of my boys made a dinosaur. The sheet that I got with my set of pens (which was a set of 4 pens, but 3 colors - 1 green, 1 yellow, and 2 red), only had a dinosaur, flower, and rainbow. The boys were having a blast with it. They each took turns holding the light for each other to help each other out. These pens have actually helped bring my sons closer together. They tend to fight a lot, but when we got these pens they started to get closer together. When I am able to, I am going to purchase more of the colors of the pens and I when I can get my printer working again, I will be printing out more downloadable 3D projects. The ones that the boys want to try out next are Glasses, Lizard, Monster Truck, Octopus, Race Car, Train, and Tri-Plane. My daughter wants her and I to make a Ladybug, Mermaid Princess, Unicorn, Fairy, and Flower Bracelet. I can't wait to get more colors of the pens and be able to print off these new projects! These make some awesome gifts for children and even some adults!

About IDO3D Pens
IDO3D is the leader in kids' 3D art, using technology to bring amazing artwork to life! Kids can create 3D art by simply drawing, connecting and constructing designs using IDO3D's 3D printing technology! These specially crafted drawing pens contain 3D printing ink that magically transforms liquid into solid in just seconds; just shine the IDO3D spotlight on your awesome creation! Kids can use the familiar form factor of a pen to draw numerous designs, either from their own imagination or from the 3D Guidebooks that are included with each set. IDO3D is safe, affordable, easy to use and have forever changed the way kids can create beautiful art. You can purchase this for $19.99 at various stores, you can click here to see where you can purchase this outstanding product from! When you make your projects, post them on your Instagram page and put #ido3d and share your creations!