Monday, December 7, 2015

Wall Decals With Love-Butterfly Nursery Decal #review

*disclaimer I received this product from Wall Decals With Love Etsy Shop for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Do you have a nursery that you are trying to decorate? Or how about you are just wanting to get new things put up on your walls to add more spunk to your living room, or even bedroom? You need to head on over to Wall Decals With Love Etsy shop and take a look at all the fascinating vinyl wall decals that she has for you to choose from.
Now as you all know, my daughter has a semi theme going on in her room right now, but not an actual theme. I picked out the Butterfly Wall Decal Custom NameMonogram and let me tell you, I LOVE it!! When I got it and was able to find a day to get it up on her wall, I was so excited with how it turned out. You can choose between 13 different colors (Orange, Pink, Red, White, Dark Blue, Blue, Dark Green, Green, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Silver Metallic, Matte Black, and Glossy Black). I knew that the Butterfly Wall Decal would work in her room, since she has a very girlie girl bedroom theme at the moment. At first I wasn’t sure what color I wanted to choose from, so I had to figure out which wall it was going to go on in Cheyanne’s room so that I could figure out what color I wanted. Since it went above her bed, that is the wall that we have all the Frozen stuff on, so I went with the Dark Blue color, so that it would stand out on her wall a little bit more since the walls are a beige color in our apartments, so I wanted something that was going to show more on the walls and you were going to be able to notice it when you step into her room.

So the instructions on how to do this is really simple and oh so easy to follow, which are included in your order, so you don’t have to sit there and wonder where you wrote the instructions down at, or if your internet is being way to slow to bring it up. After you are done following step 1 of your instructions, which is taking a card and rubbing it against the vinyl so it sticks, you get the fun part of getting it put on the wall!! This part I do have say was probably the biggest pain, just because we were trying to get it centered just right, and well let’s just face it, my husband and I are just a tad bit picky when it comes to things like that.

Before I took the back part off I had to make sure that I cleaned off a good portion of the wall depending on where we were going to put it. We knew that we wanted it over her bed, since her room doesn’t get moved around a lot like the other rooms, I knew that it would stay right there. We had to have her stand up on her bed though, she’s in her terrible 2 stage and she likes to rip her wall decals/stickers off. So I wanted to make sure that she couldn’t reach it. Once we got it positioned, Neil and I had to take turns rubbing the card against the vinyl to make sure that stuck to the wall. I will be honest, we took our time taking off the backing when we were peeling it away from the wall, because we didn’t want anything to happen.

Now that it is up on her wall, it looks so gorgeous and I just love how it turned out. The work that they do at Wall Decals With Love is just outstanding!! The amount of time that it took them to get it done and set out to me was great. It arrives in a tube, which is nice as well, because you know that you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged while in transport. I hope that they will still be in business when I get a house of my own, because I will be wanting to order quite a few wall decals from them, not for just my living room, but for my boys room, my office/photography studio, Cheyanne’s room, and even my bedroom!

I highly recommend going to them for anything that it is that you are looking for, the work is great, customer service is wonderful. I haven’t met a better set of people than here at Wall Deals With Love.

You can purchase this one here for $28.99, the size is 22in x 35in, so it is a really good size! There are other sizes that are available as well, but if you want a different size just contact them for an estimate. Just a bit about Wall Decals With Love from their site:

Decal Set Includes:
-high quality vinyl decal
-easy – to – follow instructions

About Our Decals
*Our decals are removable, but not reusable or repositionable
*The vinyl has a 6 year life span when properly installed
*Our vinyl decals are easy and fun to install. They can be applied to any clean, smooth, and flat surfaces. Put them on your walls, doors, windows, - anywhere you want! Also this graphic can be applied to CARS!

If by any any chance you can’t find something that catches your eye, we have an amazing design team that create just about anything! There’s no better way to express yourself than with your own ideas and designs. So contact us!