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Rockboard Scooter RBX #review #HolidayGiftGuide

*disclaimer – this product was given to me by Rockboard Scooters for review of my honest opinion. All views are 100% my own.

Most of us have that one kid that just doesn’t want to go outside to play, be active, etc. They would rather be locked up inside playing with the electronics. Well Rockboard Scooters has stuff that would change their minds!!

I got the Rockboard Scooter RBX and my 3 boys just LOVE it, shoot even some of the adults that live in my apartment complex have tried it out and they all think that it is totally awesome, they want to get ones for themselves and their kids! This is honestly a GREAT birthday or Christmas present for kids of all ages and even adults. It was very easy to put together, other than it being heavy, it was still very easy. It comes with all the tools that are needed to put it together as well, which it totally awesome because I don’t have those tools laying around my house! But don’t worry, they don’t just have scooters, they also have some pretty awesome looking skateboards!!

My boys love riding their scooter all over the place in the apartment complex. The day that I got it, I got it before my 2 youngest boys got home from school. So I quickly put it together, and like I said before, assembly was totally easy, and took it with me to the bus stop. While waiting at the bus stop there was a few adults up there, one being one of my younger brothers and the other being a neighbor/friend. Both of them tried it out while we were waiting for the bus to come and they just loved it.

Just a little bit about the Rockboard Scooter RBX:

v  Soft comfort grips
v  Aluminum alloy brake lever with adjustment
v  Locking internal slide height adjuster
v  Steel power drive chain
v  Dual-motion propulsion system featuring unique power factory
v  Rear 200 mm urethane wheel with performance band brake
v  Spring-loaded, full-size kickstand
v  Precision race bearing with ultra-fluid motion
v  Front 200 mm urethane wheel with rigid nylon spokes
v  Ultra-strong steel construction
v  Steel-braided brake line
v  Non-slip textured rockboard deck

You can choose between 3 different colors for $159.99 each (you can purchase it here)
v  Black
v  Blue
v  Red

About Rockboard Scooters
Just what is a Rockboard Scooter? Outdoor activities for children who are not interested in sports are few in number, so finding ways for them to get outside and get some exercise are limited. Families should consider the innovative Rockboard Scooters that are seeing increasing attention and use by children, teens, and adults.

The Rockboard Scooter is a variation of the tradition kick scooter, but offers increased exercise and varied uses. They are perfect alternative to bikes, roller blades, and skateboards.

The Rockboard Scooter is shaped like the common kick scooter with which we are all familiar; however, instead of using the same foot and leg over and over again, in order to move forward, this scooter requires that the rider rock back and forth on the board to achieve forward motion. The rider is exercising both legs aerobically! Coupled with a hand break and the ability to lower the board and use a traditional scooter “push,” if desired, this scooter gives the best of all worlds! In addition, this scooter folds up for easy storage and transportation.

Whether the Rockboard Scooter is being used for fun or transportation, it brings all ages outside. Children can get out and exercise as they ride with friends all over the neighborhood. (Don’t forget the safety gear!) In fact, there are mini versions of the Rockboard for young children and standard sizes for older children, teens, and adults. College students have a great option for campus transport, using the Rockboard Scooter to get to classer, and then they fold the unit up and carry it with them right into the classroom. Adults also have an opportunity for exercise and for an outdoor activity with their children, or even a ride to work. Rockboard Scooters are the fun, efficient, healthy new way to ride.

They have 4 different scooters:
v  Rockboard RBX Scooter - $159.99
v  Rockboard RBZ Scooter - $99.99

Now like I said before, they don’t just have scooters, they also have skateboards:
v  Rockboard Descender - $129.99

You can head on over to here to purchase what you want from either Rockboards store, Find a Store Near You, or find an Online Retailer. All of the products that Rockboard has to offer you works for birthday gifts, Christmas presents, or just because!!

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