Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sands Alive! Glow - So Much Fun For All Ages #review

*disclaimer – this product was given to me from Sands Alive! Glow for free for review for my honest opinion. All views are 100% my own.

Do your kids like to play in the sand and want to bring it home, but it’s just too messy? Or how about playing with play dough, but they get it shoved in the carpet? Well Sands Alive! has an amazing product and it GLOWS IN THE DARK!! You kids would be kept occupied for hours!!

Okay, here in Washington state, it’s hard to have a sand box because of the rain that we get here. And play dough with my kids, yeah that’s just not going to happen, they would have it so shoved into my carpet that I wouldn’t be able to get it out. BUT Sands Alive! is so GREAT!! The kids can build anything that they want, and what makes it even better, it will GLOW!! You get special glasses that you can wear to help your sand glow, and a pen to draw things in the sand as well. My daughter gets a HUGE kick out of it just because it glows! My 3 boys love it because their creativity comes out and they make whatever they want! What I love about this stuff, is that it doesn’t stick to you, so it doesn’t get all over the place, it’s very easy to form into what you want, and so much more. Your kids can just let their imagination run wild with Sands Alive Glow!!

You can purchase the Sands Alive! Glow Starter Kit on Amazon for $24.99!! It comes with:
o   1.0lb Glow Sands Alive!
o   UV Pen
o   UV Glasses
o   Small tray

Special Glow Tool:
ü  Use the super charging glow tool to draw in the sand
ü  Add some excitement by using the special glow tool to highlight parts of your creation
Fun ways to play:
ü  Practice your alphabet by drawing letters in the sand
ü  Draw a smiley face
ü  Draw a flower
ü  Sign your name in the sand
ü  If you need to erase what you did, flip the sand over

Special Sand-Charging Glasses:
ü  Use the hands free sand-charging glasses to charge and transform the sand as you build, mold, and play
Fun ways to play:
ü  Pick up a handful of Sands Alive! and bring it close to your glasses. Move the sand around with your fingers and watch the magic of Sands Alive! Glow

Natural Light:
ü  Turn the lights off and watch Sands Alive! Glow magically
Fun ways to play:
ü  Play with the sand as you would normally in natural day light, or with your room lights turned on. When you’re ready, turn the lights off and watch it glow.

Head on over to Sands Alive! and check out the 33 other products that you can get and your kids can have a BLAST with!!! Let me tell you, these would make a PERFECT birthday present or even Christmas present!!

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