Friday, October 14, 2016

Why We Love Lift For The 22 (And You Should, Too!)

A lot of you may be asking, "What is Lift For The 22? What do they do?" I had honestly never heard of Lift For The 22 before, I didn't know who they were, what their goal was, nothing. It wasn't until my husband, Neil, who is a US Navy Veteran of 11 years of service, told me about it and told me what they do. 22 a day. On average, 22 Veterans a day are committing suicide and Lift For The 22 is here to help them through fitness and bringing their brotherhood/sisterhood back to them.

Every day we are loosing on average 22 Veterans to suicide. Ever since they got out, they feel like they don't fit, can’t conform to civilian life, that they no longer have that support & camaraderie anymore, that brotherhood/sisterhood to help them through their tough and darkest of times. Lift For The 22 is here to help them, through the strength of fitness and bring back that support system, the brother/sisterhood that they once had while they were serving our country.

Lift For The 22 is an non-profit organization designed to help fight the veteran suicide epidemic that is currently plaguing our nation.  They are barley 1½ years old now and they are one of the fastest growing non-profit Veteran suicide assistance programs in the country.  Their program is designed to help beneficiaries obtain a gym membership and put them in a program that will help them maintain a healthy fitness oriented lifestyle. Our mission is to bring awareness to the Veteran suicide epidemic and lower the prevalence. They aim to promote Veteran support networks in the fitness community nationwide and offset membership costs for veterans through gym partnerships and non-profit donations.  We offer free or affordable gym memberships for veterans inside and Veteran Support Fitness Community.  The program is nationwide in more than half the country.  They promote regular workouts and life, emotional, fitness, and readiness coaching.  Progress checks geared to help individuals accomplish their goal.
Free or affordable gym memberships for veterans inside and Veteran Support Fitness Community.
Program is nationwide in more than half the country.
Regular workouts and life, emotional, fitness, and readiness coaching.
Progress checks geared to help individuals accomplish goal.

There are approximately 23.2 million military veterans in the United States.  1.8 million veterans are women; 5 states have more than 1 million veterans in among their population: California (2.1 million), Florida (1.7 million), Texas (1.7 million), New York (1 million) and Pennsylvania (1 million).

People don't realize how many Veterans we are losing every single day.  22 A DAY!  That is 8,030 every year!!!  This is what we are loosing, fathers, mothers, brother, sisters, sons, daughters, friends, neighbors, etc, etc.  Some of the reasons are that a lot of them feel like they have no mission or purpose in life anymore, the VA system has failed them, they don't have someone to talk to or that loss of that support system they had once in, they can’t conform to civilian life, the nightmares and flashbacks are just too much to deal with anymore, a.k.a. their Demons, or just plain feel lost in this world.  Even some just miss their brothers & sisters too much to continue on with life.

All of this loss, pain, & suffering has to end.  & it can only end with us, with our nations help.  They volunteer to serve this country, are sent off to war, and then to return home without any help or training to reintegrate back into regular civilian life.  We can help them with their return home to civilian life, and this is just 1 way of doing so.

If just 1 life is saved, then it has been worth it and been a success.

Here is what you can do to help our Veterans, go to Lift For the 22 webiste or their Facebook page and donate today! Help our Veterans through the power of fitness!! 

Here are some stories from Veterans who are with Lift For The 22

Rick Galaxy veteran beneficiary
Lift for the 22 gives me and my fellow brothers and sisters connection, the type of connection that we lose when we integrate back to the civilian world.

Faith Cummins veteran beneficiary
U.S Army
"Lift for the 22 gives us vets that security and reliability to help eachother out when times get tough. It reminds us of who has our back when u think you have no one."

Keenan Lloyd Leismeister
"Lift for the 22 reminded me that I am not alone. It gave me a place to feel comfortable knowing that there are other like minded veterans out there who need a little more motivation to get back into fitness. Just like me."

Neil Viertel
"I too almost became a statistic of the 22/day, but Lift for the 22 was there when I needed something, and someone. They have been a HUGE support, the veterans in the program have been helping me to find a better job, loaning me a vehicle so I can continue to support my family after losing ours, & most of all, by helping me crawl out of the dark hole I was in. One of the biggest aspects of this program, is the camaraderie & support that is there between the veterans. I had that while serving, but I thought it was gone. They have connected me to thousands of other Vets, that I never knew were there. I am feeling like I do belong to my missing brotherhood/sisterhood again, and I am forever grateful to this organization and I will never forget them or their mission."
-STG2 (SW) Viertel USN

Lift For The 22 also gets donations from George Lopez!! 

Lift For The 22 organization update and Town hall! Ask questions! Fundraising, memberships, accounting, apparel, partnerships

You can now purchase a membership directly for a veteran! #LiftForThe22

Lift For The 22 has support from Charlie Daniels as well!